After several years working with Shopify, starting at basic customizations and becoming true masters of the platform, Shopify invited TVP NYC to join their exclusive Plus Expert Program. 

Shopify Plus is a one-of-a-kind, enterprise-level e-commerce solution. It allows companies to build dependable e-commerce stores in record time with tremendous flexibility and the ability to constantly grow and evolve as the market and industry grows. As new features and capabilities show up in the web design world, companies using Shopify Plus are not hindered by costs to incorporate these features, but become beta testers and always stay 2-steps ahead of the competition. 

We have setup, designed, developed, and managed a series of high-performing enterprise e-commerce websites on Shopify Plus and cannot wait to grow with our clients as the platform grows. From its incredibly power API, including Single Sign On, cart scripts, and much more, the features and flexibility that Shopify Plus gives to our clients is truly unmatched by anybody in the market!


Runkeeper Store

Runkeeper came to us with a very interesting need and idea. They wanted to grow their brand by selling merchandise to their avid group of runners. They also wanted to give their most devoted users special access to limited edition items.

Shopify Plus' Multipass (Single Sign On) was a no-brainer. Runkeeper needed its platform to communicate with Shopify and know when a customer was a Runkeeper Go user or had signed up for a specific race. Multipass allowed that to be possible. In one year, Runkeeper was able to grow its revenue by 500% using Shopify Plus. 


Thrive Global Store

Thrive Global came to us 30 days before their launch date needing complete shop setup for a marketplace consisting of over 80 vendors in addition to the need for 100% custom design and and front-end development. 

Using Shopify Plus, we were able to accomplish this in 26 days (during the Thanksgiving Holiday none-the-less). 

Similar to Runkeeper, Thrive Global consists of a number of platforms/properties and required the use of Multipass to ensure a single user account would work across properties. 

Furthermore, Thrive Global is exploring the use of Shopify Cart scripts to allow special volume discounts as well as a free gift with purchase.